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An ideal option if you want a generator that requires little maintenance. Diesel generators last longer and use less fuel, making them more fuel-efficient.


Gas generators are efficient to operate and are typically used for short-term applications like power outages


Hybrid Generators use renewable energy such as solar or wind to charge the battery and serve as the main power source.


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Jubilee Energy specialise in providing power generation equipment for industrial, residential and commercial fields. We will look after all your power supply needs ranging from simple camping generators to multi-megawatt power stations. Whether you are needing to purchase or hire a generator, we have you covered.


We supply the widest range of power generation equipment which includes the latest Gas and Diesel generators. Jubilee Energy provides first-class servicing and maintenance, and can offer full installations, testing and commissioning to customer requirements and assistance on all turnkey projects. We are a one-stop shop that will assist you in all departments.




We offer power supply solutions to meet your needs.


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Jubilee Energy offers power supply solutions to meet your needs. Being committed to quality allows our customers a peace of mind knowing their generators are built to last. There are Jubilee Generators worldwide in which some have been successfully running for over 25 years. With essential servicing and maintenance schedules, our 24/7 service department is dedicated to supporting your needs.


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We conduct all business with the highest standards

We are active in various markets including Mining, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Government, Utilities, Agriculture and Retail.

We hold a large number of generators in stock for immediate despatch and can also offer custom generators tailored to meet specific needs.

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